Cleveland Cascades Shiploading Chute Commissioned for Rio Tinto Wilmington Terminal

Cleveland Cascades recently commissioned of one of our latest Cascade chutes in partnership with KAMAN Industries in California for the Rio Tinto terminal in Wilmington.

The chute supplied is used to handle of up to 1,000 metric tonnes per hour of Anhydrous Borax and 500 metric tonnes per hour of Boric acid. Despite the difference in loading rates, the Cascade chute is able to control each of the fine, free flowing bulk powders with excellent control – and the result is a complete minimisation of dust emissions without the requirement of any dust extraction system.

The 25 meter long chute uses a speed reducer outlet, which is a fixed Cascade chute section at the base of the chute to ensure material control is maintained to an optimised level at all times, regardless of the chutes position of extension. The chute also uses a Resitain valve at its base, which is a closure valve that seals tight and prevents any residual material escaping from the chute when moving between hatches – improving the overall cleanliness of the operation.

These features compliment the Cascade chute and ensure the absolute best performance in terms of dust emissions control. What was once a very dusty operation loading vessels in the Port is now completely clean.

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