Cleveland Cascades Spares Installation – Fowey UK

Cleveland Cascades Engineers recently visited our customer in Fowey, UK to support with the installation of replacement spare parts following an inspection that was carried out in 2021.

The works included the removal of the system from the Ship Loader and Head chute to allow for the Cones to be worked on at the dockside. The Gallery below shows the cones being lowered ready for removal.

Each of the cone liners were removed, the cones cleaned and prepped before new liners being installed. The work on the cones can be seen in the Gallery below.

Following the completion of the cone lining the Trimmer, Head Chute and Deflector liners were replaced. The Cable reeling drum and Hoist ropes were also changed out during the works.

In addition to the mechanical works, a new Load Cell setup was implemented to the Cleveland Cascade system. Due to the age of the original setup the components had became obsolete and were taken out of commission. Having the new Load Cell re-instated to the system provides an extra degree of protection during loading operations.

Once the work on the cones was complete and the cone stack re-assembled a new Shroud cover was installed onto the system.

The system was then inspected and the working limits set.

The system is one of our 1100 sized Cascade Chutes approximately 14.7m in length at full extension and 3.5m in a retracted state. The system is designed to load Kaolin at rates of up to 1000 t/hr from a luffing Ship Loader.
Further works on a replacement Winch system is to take place in early 2022.