Cleveland Cascades to Supply Cascade Chute to Heimyra Norway

Our CC903 Chute is to be delivered to Heimyra, Norway and will be loading Nepheline Syenite, Spectrum N-45 and Matrix 350-364.

The Cascade system will be fitted via a pivoting head chute with the ability to retract for stowing from a Luffing and Slewing Ship Loader.

The 18m 1100 sized chute has a capacity of 1000 m3 per hour with nominal rates for this project required at 500-800 m3 per hour. The chute steel work will be supplied finished Hot Dip Galvanised for corrosion protection. Images of the steel work can be seen in the Gallery below in the assembly phase of the project.

The head chute will be fitted with a locally mounted spool winch and will be accessible via a steel walkway as seen in the Gallery below. A secondary hoist system with a travel function in conjunction with the boom will also be fitted for under-boom stowing of the chute.

This system will also be provided with  Head Chute and Cascade Chute stands with fork lifting points for easy maintenance.

The Gallery below provides images of the system in the assembly phase of production.