Cleveland Cascades to Supply Cascade Chute to Patache, Chile

Our CC952 chute is to be supplied to Load Salt in the port of Patache’ located approximately 60km south of Iquique, Chile.

The chute is to be designed to load up to 3,200 metric tonnes per hour from a Pivoting Head Chute suspended on a luffing shiploader.

The system will be one of our 1700 size chutes with the running faces of the Head Chute, Deflectors, Cones and Trimmer lined with Ceramic Tiles for abrasion resistance.

The system is to be supplied with a 360° rotating Trimmer Spout with a 3.0m outreach from the chute’s centre line.

the chute will have an extended length of 22.0m from the head chute interface to the base of the trimmer spout and will retract to 10.0m.


Some design images of the chute can be seen below along with some images of the chute during assembly.