Cleveland Cascades to Supply Cascade Loading Chute to Santos, Brasil.

Another of our 1900 sized chutes is to be supplied to our customer in Santos Brazil.

The 1900 sized chute is one of our largest and will be 30 meters in length when extended with a possible retracted length of 8.2 meters.

The Cascade Chute will be used for loading Soy Bean, Soy Meal and corn of rates up to 3,000tph.

The system will be supplied with a pivoting head chute for interface with a luffing ship loader system similar to the two units we have previously supplied into Santos.

The head chute and Cascade cones will be lines with 4mm Ceramic Tiles for abrasion resistance.

The chute is to be supplied with a full suite of electrical components for safe, effective operation.

The gallery below provides some of the stock images of the chute to be supplied.

CCL Engineers will assist with the installation and commissioning of the chute following delivery, check back for an update on the completed operational system.