Cleveland Cascades to supply Cascade Loading System to Alabama, USA

A contract has been secured by Cleveland Cascades to supply a Cascade loading system to be used for loading Wood Pellets. For the given project parameters, a 1300 sized system is required and will allow for loading to occur at rates of up to 725 TPH.

The 1300 sized system has a fully extended length of 18.5m and is capable of achieving a 5m retracted height when in a non-operational state.

For the impact areas within the head chute, stainless steel lining is utilised in order to prevent excessive wear which results in an increased liner lifespan. Once the material is within the system and under control, the Cascade cones further improve the material flow and reduce dust emissions and material degradation. These cones are lined with a UHMW PE wear liner saving on cost and weight throughout the system.

As well as supplying a skirted outlet for dust suppression, a rigid hatch charger has been sourced to allow for loading to take place during times of inclement weather improving the overall efficiency of operations.

With the material that is being loaded being Wood Pellets there is the potential for an explosive environment to be present within the system. Because of this, any internal electrical components installed on the system are to be provided Ex rated for use in hazardous areas. All electrical equipment is to have a minimum NEMA 4/4X rating and is to be UL approved due to the location which the system will operate in. For surface protection, all steelwork for the system is to be supplied as fully galvanised.

Shown in the gallery below are some design images of the system.

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