Cleveland Cascades to Supply Rotating and Actuated Trimmer Spout

Cleveland Cascades are to supply a 3 meter trimming spout for our customer in Chile.

The trimming spout is to be fitted to one of our 1500 sized systems already installed and operating loading salt at approximately 2000 metric tonnes per hour.

The Trimming Spout enables accurate positioning of the load within the ships hold and helps ensure maximum utilisation of the space available in the hold. The Trimming Spout is mounted to a slewing ring and has electric motor drive control. It can be operated either from the drivers cab or from a hand-held remote control device.

The Trimmer Spouts can be built from various grades of steel and lined with abrasion resistant liners for extended operating life. They can be installed permanently or can be detachable and used in addition to other types of removable outlet devices according to need.

The trimming spout destined for Chile is made from mild steel and painted to a marine specification for corrosion protection. The unit is lined with 4mm Ceramic tiles for abrasion resistance. These can be seen in the images in the gallery below.

The trimmer is a lobster back style with an actuated spout to allow for the material throw to be adjusted between two positions for reaching the corners of the vessel hatches during loading and then to be out of the way of the material flow whilst not in use.

The design images in the gallery below show the trimmer in both it’s extended and retracted positions. The Trimmer is to be fitted with an actuator to control the retraction feature via the system controls.