Cleveland Finalises Supply of Free Fall Shiploader to SIA NK Tehnologija

Cleveland Cascades have been successful in winning another order from SIA NK Tehnologija for a Free Fall Ship loading Chute.

The system will be the fourth project between the two companies, and will go into service in Riga next year. This project represents the first Free Fall System to be supplied to NK by Cleveland.

At 12 metres fully extended, the chute will load coal at rates of up to 2,200 tonnes per hour. Annually, the chute will load around 3,000,000 tonnes.

The telescopic chute is fitted to a luffing boom, and has a pivoting head chute to cover the range. The head chute is to be lined with ceramic tiles in order to cope with material abrasion, and the telescopic tubes are to be manufactured from hardened steel, again to cope with material abrasion.

At the base of the chute there is a rotating and actuating trimmer spout to help load hard-to-reach areas. When the trimmer is not required for loading, the actuator is used to pull it out of the material flow for standard loading.

The chute is to be manufactured, assembled, tested and despatched by March next year, with on-site commissioning to follow.

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