Cleveland Cascades Cement & Clinker Focus

It is understood throughout the bulk handling industry that cement based materials can be challenging to handle and have the potential to create large amounts of dust during loading.

The cascade system is designed to control, limit and contain the dust created whilst loading bulk materials. The Cleveland Cascades systems are also designed to protect product quality by minimalizing product degradation through the promotion of mass material flow.

Cleveland Cascades have supplied over 60 systems dedicated for loading either cement or clinker or both. The majority of these have been supplied across Europe with the remainder spanning across Africa, Asia, North America and South America.

Cleveland Cascades have supplied Systems for loading Cement and Clinker for applications requiring loading capacities of 270 m3 per hour up to 1400m3 per hour for loading via ship loaders, Vehicle, Rail and Tanker Loaders as well as Silo Loading.

These systems have been supplied in many lengths from 5m up to 35m in length.


Some examples of Cleveland Cascades Systems loading Cement & clinker are:

CC934 Loading Clinker in Malaga Port, Spain. This system is suspended from a mobile style ship loader. The chute is 20.5 meters Long with a retracted height of 5.7 meters.

The system loads through Cleveland Cascades Ltd 1100 sized cones at 650 metric tonnes per hour with a maximum capacity of 1000m3 per hour. (Images 1 & 2 in the Gallery below)

CC928 is specified for loading clinker and is installed in the Asturias region of Spain. The system has a fully extended length of 20 meters with a retracted height of 5.25 meters.

The 1100 sized cones in this system allow a maximum volumetric loading rate of 1000 cubic meters per hour. Taking into account the density of the material loaded being 1.4 – 1.5 tonnes per cubic meter, a maximum material throughput of 1500 metric tonnes per hour can be achieved which easily surpasses the customers’ requirements of 900 – 1000 metric tonnes per hour. This allows for material surges which can occur during loading operations. (Images 3 & 4 in the Gallery below)

CC880 Loading Cement and Clinker in Sonmez, Turkey. This system is suspended from a ship loader

The chute is 22.7 meters Long with a retracted height of 6.1 meters.

The system loads through Cleveland Cascades Ltd 1300 sized cones at 1100 metric tonnes per hour with a maximum capacity of 1400m3 per hour.

This system is also supplied with a specialist skirt outlet designed for use when loading fine cement. This skirt is much longer and more rigid that the typical skirt outlet and allows for the skirt to be partially submerged within the material inside the vessel hatch allowing for the material to be loaded within its own pile, reducing the creation of dust further.  (Images 5 & 6 in the Gallery Below).

This system can also be seen loading Cement and Clinker in the footage below:

CC880- Loading Cement via the cement Skirt in Turkey.

CC880 Loading Clinker in Turkey:




Further examples of the Cleveland Cascades Ltd Systems can be seen in operation at:


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